6 Travel Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding

6 Travel Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the favourite places for backpackers and adventure seekers. One of the ways to take a Uttarakhand tour is by motorcycle expedition. A solo tourist or a group are all advised to follow these below-mentioned travel tips for a motorcycle ride.

  1. Book with Adventure Sports Company of Uttarakhand

Hiring motorcycles from Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board-authorized mountain adventure sports companies are the best for all types of tourists. They have the best-fit motorcycle for Himalayan Mountain roads. You can hire solo and double in a rental motorcycle to cover long-distance mountain roads. It is advisable to check the motorcycle expedition you wish to take is present with them. You can also check their package and come under if you like it. They give helmets for solo and with a pillion rider. They brief you about the road safari and the precaution to be taken. They send a tour guide if necessary for valley and mountain pass crossing.

  1. Carry Latest Road Map

Uttarakhand has state and national highways apart from motorable mountain pathways. Thus, carrying the latest physical map is essential as your map apps might not work in places where the internet is unavailable. It will help to take shortcuts in roadblocks and any diversions due to hill slides.

  1. Weather Forecast

Rishikesh to Chopta or Chopta to Joshimath motorcycle expedition is on high-altitude mountain ranges. Thus, before starting your adventure ride, you must know the local weather forecast. Cold weather conditions can make your fuel solidify into ice form. The other bad weather condition you may face is cold winds, high density of mountain mists and visibility can drop to 1 meter. Thus, check the local weather forecast before you start your trip on a motorcycle to cover a long distance in Uttarakhand.

6 Travel Tips for Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding in Uttarakhand

  1. Safety Gears

Motorcycle riders are advised to bring their helmet, leather gloves, jacket, shoes and eyeglasses. You must pack a first aid kit and keep them in the side career of the motorcycle. Carrying good tools will help to meet any minor repairs by you.

Some treks to discover in your journey

Since travelling by motorcycle is adventurous, you might also try some trekking. So, whenever you decide to stay someplace, consider the place to be near a trekking point so you can add a little more adventure to your trip. Here are some treks to lookout for.

Kedarkantha Trek 

Kedarkantha trek is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand and people who are beginners in trekking love to come here, it has a beautiful view with a not-so-hard trekking route, and it is a 6-day long trek. The Kedarkantha trek will be the best to spend your time and pump up the adrenaline whilst enjoying the views.

Kuari Pass Trek

If you are near, or in Rishikesh then you must try trekking on this trek, a lot of people prefer this trek because of its splendid views, it is a 4-day long trek, and 6-day long if you consider travelling from Rishikesh. You can even camp on this trek, whether in the forests or in the meadows and it will leave you in astonishment regardless of the location you choose to camp.


Uttarakhand is a tourist-friendly place in North India. It is famous for mountain cycling trails, road safari and adventure trips. Booking an organized road trip is the best for all tourists willing to explore the Himalayas by road. Your journey through this beautiful place will be one of those memories which you’d want to live again.


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