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Rana Tourist lodge gives you opportunity to view Nanda-Ghunti and Trishul Mountain’s top view with comfortable Accommodation in and In-Expensive price at Lohajung. Which is situated at altitude of 7500 feet and also starting point for Roopkund trek and Brahmatal trek.

About Lohajung

If you also want to see the Brahmatal and Roopkund tourist spots of Chamoli district, then it is very important to know about their base camp first. Lohajung is the base camp of the Brahmtal and Roopkund treks!

If you also want to roam in Lohajung, then know its characteristics about Lohajung.

Lohajung is known as Mini Mussoorie. Aajan Top is located 4 kilometers from Lohajung, Aajan Top adds beauty to Lohajung, which is spread over a radius of 2 kilometers. Lohajung is the basecamp of Roopkund, Bedni Bugyal and many tourist places.

Aajan Top, located just a short distance from Lohajung, shows many tourist spots including Nanda Ghughati, Trishuli and Chaukhamba. The beauty of the village of Bak and Mundoli situated around Lohajung is also incomparable. The noise of the Nile Ganga River passing through Lohajung makes your journey even more amazing.

If you also want to enjoy the beauty of Lohajung, then you should know about the luxurious hotel built in Lohajung.

Rana Tourist Lodge

Rana Tourist Lodge located in Lohajung, from where the view of the Nanda Ghughati mountain can be seen. The Rana Tourist Lodge, made up of 50 rooms, has all facilities ranging from parking for passengers. The Rana Tourist Lodge, which is the Himalayas trek’s own hotel, attracts many tourists every year for a stay. Here, tourists entering in meadows are given geographical information of their health and tourist places. We are also affiliated by Uttarakhand Tour & Travels.

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If you want to spend time in the lap of the mountains and relax with the cold winds, clouds, then you can definitely visit the tourist destination of Brahmatal in Uttarakhand. In this journey from Dehradun to Lohajung, the train of time and life becomes slow and relaxed with the atmosphere. This journey to get away from the congestion of cities in the region of the mountains is as pleasant and relaxed as spending time there.

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Brahmatal is one of the famous tourist places of Uttarakhand, which is in the lap of Himalayas, smelling the flowers of Burans. This journey to visit Brahmatal, the tourist destination of Uttarakhand, starts from Dehradun and ends till Lohajung. The trek from Lohajung to Brahmatal is completed with tranquil and relaxed moments.

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Lohajung which is an important way to reach under the Himalayas. You will definitely feel a better unusual experience in this small village hiding the various traditions, language, music and deep secrets of the Himalayas of Uttarakhand.

Beauty and comfort

Walking around the small village of Lohajung will give you a beautiful colorful picture of nature. The fragrance of Burans flowers, the chill winds of the eagle trees will make you feel comfortable in every lane. Lohajung and its neighboring villages with its mountains, river valleys and beautiful waterfalls make your experience even more exciting and attractive.

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This village has deep roots in mythology. In this context, the locals believe that Nanda Maa, who is an integral part of Parvati, had fought with the demon Lohasur and defeated her in this land, hence this small village is called Lohajung. The village or small town is endowed with beauty in the lap of nature, along with the thrill of the name.

Journey to Brahmatal starting from Lohajung

Brahmatal or Lord Brahma’s visit to the lake is famous for its beauty of the mountains with its collective beauty scenes. It is believed that Lord Brahma used to meditate here, hence his name is Brahmatal. The forest here is quite dense and vast.

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During the winter where long sheets of snow are visible. After the journey from Lohajung to Brahmatal, you will definitely find yourself covered with blankets in the lap of snow. You will not find this beautiful view of snow in the vast mountains of the Himalayas at any other place.

For travelers who are fond of photography, a visit to Brahma Tal will definitely be very pleasant, surprising and attractive. Brahmatal is waiting for your breathtaking journey in the mountains and snow covered land, lush green grasslands, with the smell of tall dense trees. The journey from Dehradun to Lohajung is 300 kilometers, which will definitely put slow wheels in the race of your life.

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