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Introducing Raftaar Adventure’s homestay at Lohajung which will definitely give you some homely vibes and all the amenities you all want while going on a trek. This homestay is at Lohajung which is at Lohajung which is a small village, located in Chamoli district in Garhwal Himalayas and considered a base camp for many treks like Roopkund Trek, Brahamtal Trek, Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek and many more. It is a hill station situated at 2330m in Garhwal, Chamoli.


Best hotel in Lohajunglohajung Guest house


You must know that a hotel and a homestay are two different things. The hotel provides you with fixed amenities but during a homestay, you can take extra benefits if you want. Ex: If you want extra beds, want to enjoy a bonfire, music, natural beauty with greenery in the surroundings and organic food then you must choose homestay.


Lohajung hotel

Raftaar Adventure’s homestay provides you with many facilities like:

  1. The food you all crave while going on a trek. You can order local food or Pahadi food, we will serve you the best food in the town.
  2. You can enjoy the greenery around you. Everybody loves the natural surroundings with green fields and trees.
  3. Who doesn’t like bonfires? In our homestay, you can enjoy a bonfire at night and your favourite games.
  4. If you want to bring your pet animal with you then also you are most welcome.
  5. In winter, it’s difficult to use cool water. In our homestay, a geyser facility is available so you can enjoy bathing with hot water.
  6. If you want to come in a four-wheeler then also, we have a parking facility for you.
  7. Music is one of the companions while going on a tour/trek. In our homestay, you can play music whenever you want.
  8. Those who like staying in a peaceful area, then this is the best place for them to stay around a beautiful and peaceful environment.
  9. Neat and clean rooms, beds and washrooms are available with English toilets.
  10. The dining area is available if you enjoy eating with your friends, family or partners in a tour/trek.
  11. All the trekking tools, equipment and guide will be available for the trek.
  12. Nowadays everything is done online so you can book your room/homestay online also.

Best hotel in lohajunglohajung Guest house









Visit: https://raftaaradventure.in/hotel-service/ for more information.

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