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Ronti Saddle Trek – Best Of The Himalayas From Lohajung

Do you love to go on adventurous treks?

Trekking is the most beautiful way to discover new places. When we plan to go for a trek, we decide to drift from our regular life to explore places and welcome situations we had never thought we were going to encounter.

Trek in the Himalayas has by far attracted a lot of tourists. If you have decided to go Trekking in 2021, then you should consider Ronti Saddle Trek.

Trekking from Lohajung is obvious to remain incomplete if you miss the trek expedition to Roopkund and Ronti Saddle.

Your adventure to the Himalayas will have a great mark on your travel for 2021. The Ronti Saddle heights are surely going to be worth the effort.

ronti saddle trek

Ronti Saddle Trek

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A physical competition’s qualities are determined by achieving, acquiring, and attaining many of the most difficult areas. Despite the fact that it appears that all of the places in today’s world have already been explored, new difficulties may arise. On the other hand, Trekking is made even more beautiful by the fact that it takes place in a spectacular natural and geological setting one can ever imagine it to be. You can explore the highest peaks in Uttarakhand.

ronti saddle summer trek

Ronti Saddle Trek

The Ronti saddle trek is a perfect trek with all of the attractions and challenges that trekkers desire. There are some well-known points along the trail, such as Bedni Bugyal, Ali Bugyal, Kailwa Vinayak, Roopkund, Junargali, Shila Samudra, Homkund, and Ronti saddle, which are all full of attractions and well-known around the world.

The Ronti Saddle Walk is a high-altitude trek located at an elevation of 5213 meters (17100 feet) in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district in the Garhwal Himalayas. This trail passes through Ali Bugyal, Bedni Bugyal, Roopkund, and Homkund, all of which are well-known. Every 12 years, the Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra travels this road to Homkund, attracting thousands of devotees. Along the way, there are several sites named after stories, such as Patternachaniya, Bakhuwabasa, and Roopkund.

ronti saddle trek

Ronti Saddle Trek

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Trekkers can see mountains like Nanda Ghunti (6,309 m) and Trishul (7,120 m), lush green Meadows such as Bedni and Ali Bugyal, grazing animals, water streams, waterfalls, high altitude gain, snow, glaciers, snowfall, changing weather, and magnificent lakes such as Roopkund and Bedni Kund up close. We’re sure you revisit moments from your trip now and again as a trekker – it may be that happy moment when you finally made it to the top! It’s possible you were brought to tears by a magnificent sunrise at the time or to watch the beautiful heart-throbbing picturesque view of the mountains. It could have been the time you spent alone at a campsite reflecting.