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Lohajung – Uttarakhand’s mini Mussoorie

By Hrishi Hrita Paul.

State: Uttarakhand.

District: Chamoli.

Altitude: 2,300m / 7,600 ft.

Temperature: -5°to 20° C.

Starting with the morning’s first rays of sunlight, lush green environment, dewdrops painting down the grass you walk upon, waving grasslands, the cool mountainous breeze refreshing you in and out, let us walk you to a small village, falling under the Chamoli district in Garhwal region known as – LOHAJUNG – also known as the ‘Mini Mussoorie of Uttarakhand’.

About Lohajung – It’s Beauty

Lohajung is located between Mundoli village and Bakh Village of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 2300m. Wan village being 15kms away from Lohajung on its side. Back in earlier times, Lohajung was always regarded as a pass to different high altitude mountains/treks.

Wan, being the factual last village across which the real trekking starts but due to more amenities/facilities & exposure, Lohajung has gained more attention from the past few years, whereas Wan village has still managed to keep itself hushed from the outer world.

rana hotel

Rana Tourist Hotel, Lohajung

Talking about Lohajung, it always manages to hold a special place in your mind and heart and never fades the picturesque view of the huge mountain peaks of Nanda Ghunti, Mount Trishul and many more iconic massifs off the Garhwal Himalayas. The most commonly cultivated crops Known as Chaulai (English name: Amarnath) a type of weed crop eaten by the local people also adds beauty to its nature. It comes with different colour variations in leaves flowers stems ranging from maroon to Crimson to even yellow.

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Mythology of Lohajung

Locals happen to believe that Lohajung got its name due to the Jung (War) between Goddess Parvati & Lohasur – a then demon to which she put an end to his existence In this village. Hence the name Lohajung. But, stories keep changing from mouth to mouth and ages after ages.

Stay/Lodging in Lohajung

Since Lohajung was connected with all the major nearby tourist spots/towns by road, hence bus routes started developing till Lohajung as well. Therefore, this is also one major reason why Lohajung happened to be the new base camp for the trekkers. Gradually, few locals of the village started their own lodging and guesthouses or homestays at a very budgeted value making it more exciting for the tourists from different locations to mix up with the locals and have a great stay at Lohajung enjoying delicious homemade meals with enchanted sightseeing.

The Uttarakhand government made it easier for the tourists by contributing furnished rooms through a network of govt. hotels under GMVN, of which one is also present in Mundoli (Lohajung). An old yet famous guesthouse that bloomed to be more hustled by the trekkers due to its location and view of the Himalayan ranges are providing all the amenities of food and lodging is the “Rana Lodge”.

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Temperature in Lohajung

The weather in Lohajung is always pleasant. During summers (May to June) the highest temperature would go to 22°-23° with warm yet tolerable hilly breeze accompanying all the time and during winters when most of the treks like Brahmatal begins, the temperature falls down to 5°- 8°C during day time and -4°- 0° at night. A thick thermal base layer is always recommended during the winters.

Famous Places / Treks in Lohajung

Whether it’s the trekkers or the tourists who visit Lohajung, always find themselves nestled in the lap of the beautiful scenic Garhwal ranges which prompt them to explore more of it. Whether it’s the old stony roads, or houses built with slatestones, valleys or Meadows reverbing their voices or the quiet forests leading to more hidden beauty, you can find it all in Lohajung. Major iconic treks to the higher Himalayas start from Lohajung for which trekkers find it very soothing and a source of recollecting all the needed energy to start their long treks.

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The Ajan Top Trek is one such one day trek about 1.5km from Lohajung, which is usually favoured by many trekkers for camping under the clear starry night viewing the gigantic mountain ranges. It is also favoured by many families for a beautiful picnic day enjoying every bit of the stretched meadow and pastured grassland.

The Brahmatal Trek is the most beautiful trek one can ever imagine. If you are someone who can be as adventurous as one imagines himself to be, then this 6D/5N trek is all that would be imprinted in your soul for the rest of your life. Through the forest of Rhododendrons, Cedar, Oak, this snowy trail during winters can be as mesmerizing as it can be.
(And let’s not disclose the final sight that awaits your arrival on the final day. I’m sure it would be one hard thing to bid adieu to this trek!!!).

The Roopkund Trek – A mystic and Mythological trek is yet another ancient trek from Lohajung bringing out the exoticism in you. You would be as shocked and amazed by the famous “Skeleton Lake” which is the actual glacial lake trek in the lap of Mt. Trishul. This uninhabited area welcomes and celebrates once in every twelve years the Nanda Rat Jatra for worshipping Goddess Nanda Devi. The whole area remains frozen most of the year and the main beauty is seen just at this time when everything’s snow-capped all around you. It lies at an altitude of roughly 16,470ft – a 6D/5N trek. Trekkers usually trek this trail by the end of May or August as well when the snow starts melting.

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The Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek – A lover, a seeker, a thinker, a poet, someone who finds peace in the huge stretched grassland Meadows may find this trek to be one of their greatest achievements. This trek can be a tranquillizer to those running away from the huge noisy crowd. The Ali Bugyal and the Bedni Bugyal are the two such bugyals (Meadows) giving you a view of the huge Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti standing tall right in front of you. Whether it’s winter Or summer, this trek is an easy trek that can be completed in 5D/4N at an altitude of 11,700ft.

The Monal Top Trek – A recently discovered trek of Uttarakhand from Lohajung itself at an altitude of 12,050ft, this trek can be the perfect location to spot the sunrise and sunset accompanied by its flora and fauna. The name is said to have derived from the adequate presence of the state bird Monal. It is such a trek that can be planned any time of the year, all you need to do is to book your tickets till Lohajung and start trekking!

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How to reach Lohajung

So here’s the point to point guidelines to reach your destination base camp – Lohajung. Remember, no matter which route you opt for, be sure to enjoy every bit of a hilly terrain amidst mountains and forests, from the starting till you reach your destination.

By Road  :

From Delhi — Rishikesh / Haridwar (via Devprayag-Srinagar-Rudraprayag-Karnprayag) — Lohajung

Till Dehradun (by train or flight) — Same route as Rishikesh/Haridwar — Lohjaung

Till Kathgodam (by train or bus from Delhi/Rishikesh/Haridwar/Dehradun) — Take a Taxi or Bus to Lohajung

By Railways  :

From Delhi (NDLS KGM SHT EXP & RANIKETH SPL – approx ₹200-250) — Kathgodam

From Delhi — Dehradun — Kathgodam/Lohajung.

Lohajung Overview:

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Best Time – All Throughout the Year (January – December)

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